Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Nice Judo Ukemi Video

This is some nice video of a Korean Judo team demonstrating basic Judo techniques starting with Ukemi for a warm-up. It shows a wide range of skills across the team, with some of the advanced rank-holders showing decent technique. They are probably not as crisp in terms of technique as the more anal Japanese-style practitioners (some body positioning out of place, toes not pointed so power is limited, more lifting than timing...etc.) but there are great camera angles despite the hand-held aspects to show the protective power of Ukemi.

For a point of reference, judging from the relative skills demonstrated, the more advanced students in this video probably have about 10-15 years of practice under their belts (so-to-speak), while the newer students go all the way down to about 1 year or so.

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