Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MobiTV in Time Magazine!

Despite my general policy of separating this blog from my day job, I can't resist a plug for MobiTV's latest public relations home run. Everyone should run out and get a copy of Time Magazine's latest issue.

Time Cover

Jason and Nicole from our PR department scored us a 5 page gate-fold spread on why people work at MobiTV. You can see the online version here, but do check out the hardcopy to get the full page photo-impressions of many of the awesome people who make MobiTV such a fantastic place to work.

Here are a couple links from the Time online site:

Programming Provocateurs

What draws workers to MobiTV? A hot technology, a cool company and maybe even a big payoff.

Portrait of Jason Mikami inside the network operations
closet of MobiTV, in Emeryville, Calif., February 2007.

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