Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How Nerds Cook Hotdogs

Another honorary 4th of July post I just can't resist. Normally, I'd say, ", don't try this at home." All appropriate burn-your-house-down type disclaimers are hereby offered. But hey, if you can figure out a cooler way to cook a dog, let me know.

All you need area couple of forks, matching alligator clips and an old power cord. Plug that sucker into the wall, perhaps via a power strip and viola...smoking dogs in a couple of minutes.

Power CordClip endsAlligatorsOn the plateLED 1Catsup

AND you can demonstrate the voltage gradient across the dog by just sticking LEDs into the dog (with the leads in line with the forks.) You can even have fun adjusting the lead spacing and trying to explain why the LEDs don't burn out or why the brightness changes.

But PLEASE. REMEMBER. THIS. IS. NOT. SAFE. If you are crazy enough to try this even under adult supervision (my wife says I don't qualify here) Don't touch anything when it is plugged in.

Happy 4th!

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Anonymous said...

With dogs that tiny, you'll want to put two or three in each bun. Unless you really wanted bread in the first place.