Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Robocup 2007 in Atlanta

All you Atlanta natives have no excuse for missing the 2007 Robocup competition, currently ongoing (July 1st-10th) at Georgia Tech. The official competition just began yesterday (Tuesday, July 3rd), but the event continues through finals on July 10th.

It's so cool I don't think I need to even say anything more about it other than check out these images and videos. And get over to GaTech and check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I went to the convention: absolutely extraordinary! Talked to participants for at least ten countries! All quite sharp making a good impression. Took photos but no point adding it: the ones in the blog here are better.
The soccer robots quite impressive but nin my opinion need to use hockey pucks instead of balls because the robots are sluggish and the balls go too fast. There were two main types of soccer robots: one where four robots for each team are controlled with a computer connected to an overhead camera. The other type has all the logic in each robot so they operate independently. The logic allows to recognize the balls, the other robots and the goals. It is awesome. These robots are kind of squat and run on wheels.

Another type of soccer robots have humanoid shape and are able to standup by themselves if they fall, and have the logic to recognize the ball and the goals and kick it. It is awesome.

Another type of larger robot performs a different type of task: it can recognize faces and then it follows the handler through a maze with uneven floor and then backtraces the mace back to the entrance.

Very impressive. They had number of different categories for different sizes. Could not see the dog robots: they were at the Fox theater instead of the Georgia Tech building. Thanks for the tip.