Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sometimes I Just Love My Country

Just when I'd pretty much given up on the scientific close-mindedness of the current republican administration, I stumbled across this article in Forbes that reminded me of the power of the US economic engine, and how business leaders with foresight can still help stave off national disaster, even without government support.

Those of you who have read my earlier rants on the Stem Cell issue know that I am distraught over the fact that our government has not only abandoned one of the most promising avenues of medical research to emerge in the last century, but has gone so far as to actively stifle those activities with a presidential veto of the recent bi-partisan bill to support expanded Stem Cell research.

Well thank goodness previous administrations didn't stifle the most promising lines of development a couple of decades ago so that Microsoft, KB Home, Bloomberg, Dolby, Oracle, EBay, and Intel could all get large enough that their founders, many of them republicans, could personally bankroll enough research to keep US Stem Cell investigations going despite the government attack.

Hopefully the rich guys with a little foresight can keep the efforts going till we have a more technologically oriented administration in office.

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