Saturday, August 19, 2006

Take the Pain away Doctor. Turn on the TV!

If any of you have ever tried to tear your child away from their favorite cartoon, this next report won't be any surprise.

A recent study performed on 69 Italian kids aged seven through twelve showed that children having blood drawn by a syringe experienced "50% less pain" when watching television than they did when being comforted by their mothers, and "70% less pain" than if they were left alone without other stimulus or comfort.

Carlo Bellieni, the article's author, said, "The power of television is strong and it can be harmful for children if it is stronger than the force made by the mother to distract children. I believe that this power must be controlled and reduced."

And he hasn't even tested video games yet.

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Anonymous said...

This entry reminds me of the episide of "Grey's Anatomy" wherein one of the patients needed to watch porn to manage his pain. Two, two, two drugs in one!