Sunday, August 27, 2006

Static Images That Play With Your Rods (In Your Retina)

Believe it or not, this image is not actually animated. The effect you see is the result of the spatial patterns in the image interacting with the interconnected patterns of the photosensitive neurons in your Retina (of which, Rods and Cones figure prominently). Pretty trippy huh?

And more from Akiyoshi's illusion Page :

If for some reason, you don't notice any odd effects when looking at these images, note that they tend to work best at their full resolution. So just hop on over to Akiyoshi's site through the link above to check them out in all their glory.

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A. Allio said...

Sarah got all excited about this last year and showed it to me. But, alas, I was too caught up in getting through my AP curriculum so students could do their best on the test.... and yes, this is education????