Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Like I Really Needed a Test For Affirmation

All those years of school finally pay off!

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


Anonymous said...

You only got a 99? Where is your pride, boy? You'd better take that test again until you get a perfect score, plus extra credit. (Imagine sharing your shame with the whole world like this and dragging my name and that of my children along with you!)

Phillip Alvelda said...

The honest truth is that there were only a few questions where I fell short. (B.T.W. It is a high-nerd quality to know how you did on a test before you even get the grade back.)

1.) Do/did you take notes in more than one color? (I just never take notes, as I discovered I seldom ever needed to refer to them.)

2.)What is the grossest thing in your room, right now?
a Nothing, it is clean
b Some dirty clothes
c Some old food
d Insect or rodents
e Dead insects and rodents


3.)Should you have biohazard or warning signs posted in your room?

You will probably note that left to my own devices, I might actually have dead insects or rodents on my floor, and an appropriate bio-hazard warning in my office as a result. (very typical nerd afflictions through extreme focus on more interesting problems)

But fortunately, I married this wonderful woman who has elevated my sense of personal cleanliness above the more typical extreme nerd level.

So I proudly bear my 99th percentile score as a sign that I have matured socially thanks to her sterling influence. But other than those minor hygenic issues, I scored 100%.