Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Thin Ice Data from Envisat

For all you Global Warming doubters out there, assuming there are any of you left outside of our government:

The European Space Agency has posted some of the latest data from their Envisat spacecraft which confirms the results of last week's NASA postings on thinning arctic ice cover. Note the before and after photos between 2005 and 2006. (The black dot is the North Pole.)

Arctic ice concentration in 2005

Arctic ice concentration in 2006

"The images on the left are Envisat ASAR mosaics of Arctic ice acquired on 24 August 2005 and August 24, 2006 respectively. (Courtesy: Polar View) The images on the right are EOS Aqua AMSR-E ice concentrations acquired on the same days. (Courtesy: Leif Toudal Pedersen).

The uniform grey area in the upper ASAR image and the pink colour in the upper AMSR-E image are both consistent all the way around the pole (black hole), indicating pack ice with 100% ice concentration. In the lower images, there is a significant extent of leads – fractures and openings in the sea-ice cover – just below the pole in both the ASAR image, seen as splashes of dark grey and black, and the AMSR-E image (with British Isles shown for scale), seen by the high concentration of yellow, orange and green colours, signifying low ice concentrations."
So if there is a global warming hype conspiracy, it would now have to be an international one that truly strains the credibility of our current administration.

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